viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

Spanish music CRIME, Najwajean

Spanish music in English 


Najwajean fue un grupo formado por  Najwa Nimri y Carlos Jean, de ahí el nombre Najwa-jean.

Carlos es gallego (del N. del España) de origen Haitiano y es músico, productor, DJ y cantante español. Actualmente es conocido por su música eletrónica. Ha tocado y formado grupo con diferentes artistas entre elloNajwa Nimri.

Najwa Nimri es actriz y cantante española, aquí presentamos una canción editada en su disco "Till it breaks" con Carlos Jean, 

Así el tiempo pasa volando

You lean on the edge of the barAnd you look at meWith such eyes and what if it’s a dreamYou pass by me and say"Hello, your smile is like a little girl"Is this a crime when you touch my hand and I feel the sky?

And I’m wondering if this a crime when you passed behindYou touch my hips on the better sidesLaid outAnd then I pass behindAnd it's a game they told me not to playAnd then you kill my doubts saying, smileAnd then you hold my hand strongYou get me, you take me, you break meOh what a sweet suicide !

And I’m wondering if this a crimeWhen you see me smileYeah, wowOh, is this a crime when I pass your side with a little smile?I’m sorry but I’m dealingHmm

Then my eyes just said go on,and my back could feel the coldThen you take off all my clothesI was breathing laid in bed
And you take my legs, and you get insideAnd I thought that life, couldn’t be so goodOh my love!  is this a new suicideAnd I just wanna to knowOh, it’s all, my strong little guy

And eh, ohAnd this is, Baby this is, oh is this a crimeAnd I start to cry, Is this a crimeI’m in this eh, brother I sayBrother and loverI gave enough to stayI try to stay, into, into, into

Oh is this a crimeWhen you're getting insideYeah, ohI can feel thatIs this a crimeWhen you're getting insideYeah, ohI can feel that it's all rightThat it's all rightThat it's all rightThat it's all rightThat it's all rightAnd that it's all rightit 's all right, it's all rightHmmm